The app for the Austrian holiday.
No plans for the weekend and want to do something spontaneous?

The leisure radar for Austria
With the free leisure radar, users learn what and when is going on around them. Via GPS, "iAustria" tracks the adventurous and shows them perfect bad weather tips to the hottest events in your area.

Whether it's an outing for the whole family, hiking, current event tips, lakes, picnic areas, golf, mountain huts, etc... iAustria will keep you well informed about leisure activities in Austria. With one click, the user can serve delicious and up-to-date leisure content on its display.

Rediscover Austria
Even away from from the big city chaos, smartphone users are well informed with iAustria because by topic searches such as hiking, mountain biking, sports shops, wine - or distance, iAustria users learn all about Austrian regions and holiday destinations.

iA:Trophy: Check-in, collect pins and win
From 01.05.2013 you can check-in at iA venues and win fabulous vacations in Austria and cool prizes again from INTERSPORT.

This year there is a monthly ranking, in which the most frequent iA PINNER's can win a holiday, a bike and more INTERSPORT prizes.

New iA:Tipp Scanner in the new iAustria App
With the iA:Tip scanner you can remain active and passive on the go. Your local area tips are displayed by distance, ranked by list, on the map or via the iA:Tip alarm. The iA:Tip alarm notifies you by vibration without looking at the screen of points of interest in the immediate area.

As part of the iA Trophy, a registered user can collect these pins, attractions, tips, points of interest, take photographs and thus win prizes. With the addition of the photo challange everything is still easy going.

iAustria powered by intermaps® wishes you a great time Rediscovering Austria.

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Information and Ranking
May 2014 – 31.10.2014

Join the iAustria Trophy.

Collect pools and lakes, mountain peaks and tip pins. See what there is to collect in your area. Compare yourself with your friends and win great prizes.

iA:Trophy 2014: Coming soon...

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Do you have a wonderful tip for us to include in our app? Then please send us a message: Redaktion@iaustria.info